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el.shot.that/ Book Edition

Elliott is a visual artist based in Manchester and holds a BA in Photography from Manchester School of Art. Currently pursuing a Masters in Photography at The University of Falmouth, he is concurrently engaged in an artist development plan with Peshkar in Oldham. Known for his active creativity, he consistently strives for excellence in his practice.

Specializing in social documentary and portrait-based work, his practice centers on themes of identity and culture. The foundation for this work is rooted in his childhood experiences in Spain, where he embraced a new identity alongside the British one he was born into. During his university years, he developed a keen appreciation for the physical and tactile aspects of the practice, often creating zines or photobooks. He also enjoys the sequencing process using physical prints.

His approach involves a collaborative mindset, ensuring that everyone involved is considered in the image-making process. He works with both digital and film mediums.


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