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Elisaveta Sivas/ Sculpture & 3D Art

Elisaveta Sivas is a painter and sculptor based in Estonia. Elisaveta holds a degree in Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies and has a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics. She taught and did research at the University of Cyprus. She studied fashion and theatrical costume at the Art Future School in St. Petersburg. She studied ceramics at Valeria Polsinelli’s workshop in Paris and Vassos Demetriou’s workshop in Larnaca, Cyprus. Elisaveta attended classes of art in the Academy of Art in Palermo. She also followed painting courses and aesthetics of art lessons at the workshop of the artist Christos Avraam in Cyprus. Recently she got a diploma as spiritual coach from American mentor Nina Verkoyen. She also got a diploma from the Online Art Communication School by Julia Sysalova in Athens, Greece.

Elisaveta combines in her professional career knowledge from few different fields like sociology, language research, spirituality, conscious living, fashion design, art and sculpture. Her different experience helps her to have a complex approach to the art, to understand better people and life, to continue research through her art, to make better communication with other people and to express deep concepts and ideas through her painting and sculpture.


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