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Eloise Schoeman/ Special Edition

Eloise has spent the last fourteen years living in South Africa, a country where women’s issues are seen as a woman’s issue. In her new body of work, she has dug deeper into her own female experience and how she can further reflect her emotions, conscious and unconscious subtleties of her experience in Third World country. How does the female gaze from a Third world perspective change in a First World Setting? Eloise constantly finds herself comparing her experience living in Pretoria and Johannesburg to the almost naive existence of living in the United Kingdom, speaking to women from South Africa who are incredibly open and honest about their experience and superimposing these emotions of unease, fear, and hyper-awareness these women and Eloise herself has faced onto images of women in the UK. By manipulating subtleties such as colour and contrast, she changes the dialogue from just being a singular experience to a relatable one.


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