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Emma Brink Laursen/ B&W Photography

Emma Brink Laursen, born in 1997 in Esbjerg, Denmark, is a talented photographer currently residing in Berlin and Copenhagen. Alongside her photography pursuits, she is a dedicated student of Comparative Literature, pursuing her studies at both the University of Copenhagen and Freie Universität Berlin.

''The embodiment of place is a theme that I come to again and again in my photography. Places be- come like mirrors of the intimate experiences that I have shared with the people closest to me. Regardless of the fidelity of any claim to photographic truth, photography is value producing. My goal is to transgress the limits of photographic objectivity by gently heightening the impression of emotion that my subjects elicit. I try to accomplish this amplification through juxtaposition. The photo- graphic couplings that I am submitting are intended as pathetic unities, yet they depict disparate settings—settings that only gain differential value through my subjective senseworld.''


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