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Flora O. Hartyandi/ Women Art

Flora O. Hartyandi is an artist, art therapist, community worker and traveler from Hungary.

She loves to give new life to natural ‘waste’ and human ‘waste’ as well. She has an old-fashioned soul like a strange grandma with a little dementia who loves to weave, crochet, embroider and tinker but she’s forgotten to use the correct materials for these activities

She is seriously interested in about folk arts, symbols of different nations and the traditional techniques. They are the foundation of her art. She got theme, inspiration from the changing world around her. She playfully criticizes the consumer society, alienation from nature and each other and tries to draw attention to the importance of nature.

She tries to create complex, alternative worlds, that the viewer inevitably becomes a part of it, cannot be able to remain an outsider: immerse in them, see them, feel them, discover, create a story around what they see, use their imagination…


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