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Freya Magenta/ Spring Issue

Freya Magenta is a Lancashire based Fine Artist. Studying a Ba(Hons) in Fine Art and Professional Practice she has been refining her craft specialising in acrylic painting, exploring the strange and macabre through a vivid palette to create heightened realism within her works. Magenta’s work is heavily influenced by the 17th-century Vanitas movement, which was shaped by Dutch still-life painters like Harmen Steenwijck and Evert Collier, along with contemporary influences from the likes of Andy Warhol and Audrey Flack. With a keen interest in drawing on past traditions and creating works that reflect concerns of modern life.

"Through my art, I want to explore the strange and the macabre through a vivid palette. I am currently researching how the messages of historical Vanitas paintings are still relevant in creative practice today and exploring how practitioners are drawing on the past traditions of the Vanitas to create works that reflect the concerns of modern life."


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