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Giordano Cioni/ Landscapes

Giordano Cioni is a photographer and sculptor based in Berlin, whose work explores symbol, ritual and magic. He has published internationally and has released two books.

Their work has been exhibited across Europe including group shows at The Holy Art Gallery (London), Palazzo Bembo (Venice), and Rossocinabro Gallery (Rome) as well as three solo

exhibitions in Berlin at tête (2020) and Organ Kritischer Kunst (2022 & 2023).

''My practice stands as an exploration the language of symbol, ritual and magic through a combination of classical photography of unorthodox subjects and hieroglyphic sculpture made of industrial materials. I reimagine ancient spiritual systems in contemporary bodies of works that combine a minimalist, queer standpoint alongside an informed artistic understanding. Symbolic motifs from sources as diverse as Egyptian mythology, Medieval cosmology, and Christian iconography find their way into my exhibitions as vivid portraits, totemic objects and mysterious landscapes. In exploring magic, I ultimately aim to uncover new mythological narratives and to live them out in my artistic work as active magical forces.''


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