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Greg Kent/ Sculpture & 3D Art

Greg currently works as a Geography teacher in a large secondary school in Cumbria. Six years ago, he discovered wood turning and has enjoyed developing skills and a creativity he never realised he had. Greg has sold much of his work at craft fairs in the North of England and currently has work at various galleries. What started as a hobby to help him to relax rapidly turned into an obsession as he started to explore the buried treasure that lies inside wood. He has now decided to quit my job and work time as a woodturner.

Greg works hard to collect wood from local tree surgeons that would have been used as firewood. The wood is then 'turned green', this means whilst it is still wet. The wood is turned to a thickness of 2mm and allowed to dry. When dry the wood is sandblasted. This has the effect of removing the soft spring growth leaving a lace like effect. This can only be done with oak, which has medullary rays which go across the growth rings. This involves combining both wood turning and sculpting. The oak is often left with a natural finish, it can be ebonised or various colour stains are used if they enhance the appearance of the wood and the grain. What is produced, in Greg’s view, is fine art created by nature, and revealed by a craftsman.

For Greg his work represents the fragility, strength and beauty of nature. He hopes what it says about the environment is: “recognise me”, “look after me”, “appreciate me”.

Greg has recently exhibited at the Craft Council's Collect Open. Collect is one of the world’s most influential fairs focusing on contemporary art and design made in the last five years by living artists. He also had a piece at the 2023 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London. Greg has also exhibited at the Worshipful Company of Turners, ‘Master’s Exhibition’, which is by invitation only and showcases the finest elite woodturning in the UK.


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