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Hannah Lane/ Special Edition

''How has technology affected our society? Is it inherently negative? Within the Dot Board pieces these questions are posed to the viewer. Dot Boards attempt to focus on the positives of technology through directly working with AI to create these pieces. In a way, Dot Boards are reminiscent of games. The dice are rolled and the result determines where the person will move on a board. In the case of Dot Boards, the rolled dice direct me where to put dots on a canvas. Dot Boards are created by rolling AI driven or coded dice, these numbers then give the piece the vertical, horizontal or diagonal dots. The rolled dice also reveal the number of dots that will be aligned in the specific direction. Dot Boards resemble circuit boards in the way the piece has numerous dots on a flat surface. Dot Boards have a physicality to them.These pieces are not just flat dots on a surface, but bubble out and catch the light. This helps with the abstraction of a circuit board where pieces and objects pop out and form lines and diagonals with complicated patternations. The colors of the Dot Board series are taken from technology or anything we, as human beings, can not tangibly touch without assistance from a technological device. Social media, news media, video games, movies and TV shows are just some of the examples of where I acquire the color palettes. I then choose or allow AI to decide what color palette to use on the next piece. The Dot Board’s emphasise that technology does make an impression on us. This is by using AI technology in tandem with colors from the cloud to show this impression. Technology through these impressions has affected our society both positively and negatively. While Dot Board’s focus is on the positivity of what technology has done for us through the abstract references to circuit boards, AI driven technology and even games, Dot Board’s still remind the viewer that technologies' positives may not always be as beneficial in the future as they are right now.'' Hannah Lane


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