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Hilary Watkinson/ Spring Issue

Hilary Watkinson is known for her contemporary, abstract, and colorful interpretations of gardens in motion. She began her painting journey in her late 60s, overcoming physical limitations like arthritis and difficulty gripping a paintbrush. Instead, she employs acrylics on canvas with a kitchen spatula and pouring paint techniques to evoke memories of gardens and explore the influence of wind on plant energy. In 2022, while hospitalized with COVID-19, Hilary experienced substandard care that resulted in a coma. Despite being unable to move, she could hear the world around her. It took eight hours for her daughter to bring attention to her condition, leading to a diagnosis of PTSD. Through her recovery, Hilary turned to poetry as a means of processing her experiences, initially sharing them only with her psychiatrist before gradually opening up online.


Fear is my friend

My best friend

He must be

Because he follows me


Growing in size

As I grow weaker

Taking control

He loves me

He must do

Because he’s always at my side


In front

And inside me

He lives behind my eyes

In the place


By Happiness

He lives

And grows stronger


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