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Hugo Chan/ Summer Issue

Hugo Chan Ngo Fung is an interdisciplinary artist from Hong Kong. He is an alumni and a former member in the Multimodal and Embodied Interaction (MEI) Laboratory, a Human-Computer-Interaction(HCI) research group in the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. His research interest lies in tangible media, multi-sensory experience, and interaction design. Recently inspired by the prospective study in new media art, he started experiments on the unique possibilities of fine arts as well as new media technology and seeks ideas beyond disciplinary boundaries.


"It is a sequence of fragment time, a fragment of my time, a fragment of your time, and a fragment of our time." This image sequence explores the relationship between time, space, and life from images. Different from ordinary photographic works, the creator adds "timeliness" to still images and expresses them in the form of video sequence works. The creator attempts to reconnect the time fragments condensed in the still images with "time" to explore the horizontality and verticality of time. Time is invisible, but it exists everywhere. The eternal and progressive time quietly accumulates everywhere. Every object, every space, and every person in the image has its own time. The still images that record these moments have become fragments of time. As we are watching this video sequence, our time has unknowingly become a part of this collection of fragments. This is a fragment of my life, a fragment of my time.''


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