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Iana Zholud/ Winter Issue

Iana Zholud was born in Dnipro, Ukraine and lives in Kyiv. Graduated The Humanitarian Institute of TV and radio broadcasting, specialty: director of photography. She worked as a photographer shooting portraits, reportage, art and video. Iana explores topics: ecology, propaganda, system, transformations in society. She took a part in exhibitions in Ukraine, Great Britain, Italy, South Korea, USA.

''Now we are witnessing a crisis of ideas in the world, societies, people have lost their meaning and no one offers it, this gives rise to a cultural crisis, a crisis in the value system, an economic crisis, a social crisis.

There was Modernism, then there was Post-Modernism, then Post-Post Modernism, exploiting the ideas of the past without offering a project for the future. In the absence of ideas, nihilism comes to the fore, a person treats a person as something unimportant, this is a denial of morality and social order, nothing makes sense. The values of human life, humanism, freedom faded into the background, and cynicism and the value of money, objects, territories came to the fore. Now we live in a state of Zero cult. A person treats a person as an object that can either be useful, that is, on which money can be earned, or not useful, on which no money can be earned. Zero is emptiness, nothing, it is an indicator of the catastrophic state of the world, it is the only thing that unites people now, absolute cynicism. Ideas produced values, no ideas - no values, no moral and ethical principles, nothing to rely on for a person when making a choice and performing actions.

In the world where everything is tamed to Zero, a person will make choices and actions based on the main value of money, the number of zeros in the account. Are we now coming to the knowledge of this alldevouring crisis affecting all aspects of life? Through these works, I propose to reflect on the topic: the crisis of ideas, which gives rise to absolute cynicism, which can result in the destruction of social order.''


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