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Irena Jurca/ Special Edition

Irena Jurca is a visual artist who works predominantly with photography. Through a self-reflective approach, she is seeking to understand invisible links between the internal experience of the world and external social reality. She is interested in how the visual images transmit ideas, internal experience, unconsciousness, and influences our understanding of the world we live in. Her work enquires themes reflecting on the human experience, existential quest, identity, transiency and understanding social reality.

Sea in Me The conceptual series of photographs Sea in me revolves around notions of self-reflection, mortality, and migration. Sea in Me is author’s personal response to migrations (by sea), which she compares with her own everyday life, with emotions and feelings of being lost, anxiety and hope(lessness). By using the symbolic imagery of sea, dead sea creatures, and withered plants, the artist explores connections between life, searching for the meaning of life and death, with the intention to create a unique language of symbolism that asks for reflection, what becomes our individual and what collective memory.


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