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Irina Safronova/ Spring Issue

Irina Safronova, aka, Palirina is a Belarussian artist whose works are created spontaneously as a way to express the emotions that drive her in that particular moment. Paints from liquid abstractions are later used for a series of other paintings in order to minimize waste and create eco-friendly art.

“As a professional aesthetic stylist, I strive for beauty and harmony in my paintings, transferring my emotions and fundamental stylistic knowledge onto canvas.

As an environmentalist, I strive to minimize paint waste, using so-called waste-free technology. I also use cotton canvases and eco-friendly materials. I give a second life to used materials in mixed media paintings.

Charity, in my opinion, is very important for the artist, because his art stops being selfish and goes for good. I participate in charity programs to help children and develop creative projects.”

During her creative process, the artists enters a meditative state in which her hands become an extension of her soul and painting flows freely to become artworks with meanings that remain open for the viewer to feel and find.

Irina creates artworks in mixed media, giving second life to junk materials.


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