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Izabela Brudkiewicz/ Women Art

Izabela Brudkiewicz is a Polish-born artist based in Katowice (Poland). Her works have been exhibited internationally in Poland, France, Holland, the USA (NY), Serbia and the UK (London, Edinburg, Brighton, Bexhill, Hastings, St Leonard’s and Eastbourne). Most of Brudkiewicz's works are live installations/performances or video performances. She has recently been working with photography and text. Her artworks are inspired by the domestic life of an artist's mother. Brudkiewicz investigates a physical and mental metamorphosis that occurs.

The triptych “The Silence of a Pink Lipstick” deals with a process of healing postpartum depression. By creating none-exsitent color of pink I only emphasize the sensitivity of this still underestimated mental illness. Depression likes to hide. My depression hides under a pink or red lipstick and a smile. Depression cuddles up with guilt and self-disrespect. For this series, I am using a family tablecloth as a canvas to shorten the distance between the art and the domesticity of motherhood. This triptych discloses a private journey that I am going through. This is a way of making a clear statement that it is ok not to be ok and it is ok to seek help.


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