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Jane Walker/ Summer Issue

Jane Walker is an artist based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

''I make 2-dimensional work with lines. The images I make are of cities, I draw and re-draw cities. Recently I have been slowing down the speed I make the lines. The images I end up with are stiller. I am interested in seeing the patterns humans make on the planet from different distances. I change the scale of buildings. I am interested in how far these patterns reach in time and space. Do human structures have any effect on nature, on animals, the weather and climate. Does the human pattern of building have any impact on the past or the future?

Composition for me is a mathematical presence in the arrangement of the lines. The speed and tension in the lines picks up on music, sounds and vibrations. I also jot down words and graffiti from the urban experience. In my work the cities are often upside down, the smallest buildings at the bottom under pressure. The lines are made with stitching, ink, scratching through oil paint I do this is to create as much contrast as possible and to extend the essentially traditional practice of painting. The cities have started forming centralised shapes, crosses and columns, or icons. They are not attached to the rectangular edge any more.''


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