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JASACID/ Abstract Art

JASACID (Jasmine Christie) is a multimedia artist from Manchester, UK. Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Painting in 2021, she recently relocated back to Manchester to pursue her career in the artistic sphere. She is currently training as a tattoo artist and working as a freelance artist and illustrator, with her work being featured on various platforms including exhibitions in Manchester, London, and the USA.

JASACID is intrigued by the notion of the artist as a lone self, an isolated ‘mad genius’. She creates immersive and introspective works that invite the viewer to consider what is often an intimate, but rather lonely, creative process for her personally. The images themselves act as a jumping-off point through which the viewer glimpses into Jas’ psychological landscape. She uses a limited palette of primarily purple, violet and blue hues as a homage to the artists and movements that resonate the most with her: the Romantics, the French Impressionists, and 20th century European Abstract Expressionism. They, like her, see beauty in madness, and find comfort in honouring the legacy of the melancholic artist in contemporary society.


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