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Jasmine Merry Blackmoore/ Floral

As an artist, is fascinated by the complex relationships within the natural environment. Working across disciplines, much of her work incorporates organic materials and what we can learn from them. Jasmine’s particular focus has recently been on fungi and plants and the important roles they play in the soil. Her practice utilizes a variety of media – including experimental photography, organic mark-making, music, video, and sound art. Jasmine combines scientific research with a multitude of art forms to educate and spark the imagination. She hosts a wide range of community workshops all over Cornwall from edible wild food to experimental art and music.

In 2020, she set up The ADHD Forager; a foraging class and educational blog to offer affordable and accessible workshops on how to sustainable forage abundant wild food; this was a response to the cost of living and food crisis. Jasmine uses this work to advocate for more access to green spaces for everyone and the benefits of green health for well-being and neurodiversity. In 2021 she set up The Wild Art Club, hosting a series of workshops for all ages, utilizing natural materials in a range of experimental forms to connect to nature in a sensory way and to create accessible pathways to create art.


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