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Jay Goldberg/ Street Photography

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

In his 20s, he worked on political campaigns with the country’s preeminent strategist. In his 30s, he was a sports agent to athletes, sportscasters, Spuds MacKenzie, and brought Russian hockey players to West Point and Mississippi. In his 40s, he co-founded a creative design studio that specialized in handmade beautiful baseballs coveted by business titans and bar mitzvah boys. In his 50s, he opened a unique gallery/shop/community event space on a Greenwich Village side street that became known around the globe. Now, in his 60s, he’s working on “The Memory of America” and other multimedia art projects. Jay Goldberg lives in NYC, the city where he was born. A graduate of NYU and New York Law School, his creative designs have been featured in retail stores, catalogs, art galleries and museums throughout the world, such as the Museum of Arts and Design, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, Ethan Cohen Gallery, Sundance, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Colette Paris.


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