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Jazz Prisciandaro-Wood/ Queer Art

Jazz Prisciandaro-Wood is an English-Italian artist working and living between Manchester and Hertfordshire. They recently graduated from the Manchester School of Art with a BA in Fine Art and Art History. They have previously completed a foundation diploma in Art and Design, specializing in sculpture, at Camberwell College of Art.

Influenced by an interest memory, semiotics, and autobiographical work, Jazz Prisciandaro -Wood’s practice concerns their relationship to their heritage, exploring ideas of inheritance and identity, linguistic and cultural distances, using letterpress and textiles. Craft processes such as hand embroidery and natural dyeing are integral to their practice. These time and labour-intensive processes allow her to explore the therapeutic potential of making and form a deeper connection with her subject matter. Their work integrates personal memories with different forms of remembering, including folklore and academic research, reflecting an interest in giving the present an opportunity to learn about and remember the past.


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