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​Jenette Coldrick Morrell/ Spring Issue

​Jenette Coldrick Morrell has been been an Interdisciplinary Artist for over 50 years. Born in Cornwall in 1952, she was inspired by the artists she met as a child, who encouraged her to watch and participate in the creative process. Working from her studios in Yorkshire and the Midlands. Jenette uses her work to explore her emotions, memory, and the environment and fills her work with the excitement she feels for life. Over the years she has experimented with and embraced many different mediums. Finding simpler ways of working (Spinal stenosis), has enhanced the character of her work.

“My work forms this shield and the thinking that lies behind it. I use the human form and abstracts as the common denominators of my mental environment. The creation of my work is a way of addressing my attitudes, fears and my unwritten rules which have that have helped build my armor.”

Many people take great comfort from their fellow man, friends and family. There is a connection between them, and an environment of security. What if it is a place not of comfort but of control? In whatever form it takes, a sense of disorder and distrust is created. A shield needs to be constructed to ward against the unpredictability and lurking chaos of the outside world.


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