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Jennifer Reynolds/ Floral

Jennifer Reynolds is a Dublin based photography student in IADT, currently entering her final year. Her work concerns existential questioning and is centred around the natural world, she enjoys exploring humans connection (or disconnection) with nature and hopes to bring to light the ways in which we are separating ourselves farther and farther from nature. She hopes through her work that she will help us recognize that we are a part of nature, we are in harmony with it and we are not separate from it. Nor should we try to be.

On top of this, she explores her own existential questioning through her work, heavily inspired by the theories of philosopher Alan Watts as well as phenomenology, she uses an overlaying technique to create new dimensions inside our own world which appear as dreamlike scenes that thin the veil with the spirit world. Her photographs also play with our interpretations of time, she works through an archive as well as creating new work, blending images from different time periods, questioning the effects that time really has and the ability that a camera has to pause scenes in time.


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