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Jess Chua/ Drawings & Sketches

Jess grew up in Southeast Asia and is currently living in Florida. She works as a professional writer and has been sketching since her late teens. Pens and pigment liners are her preferred art tools because of the bold linework that these mediums allow for. She enjoys watercolour and digital colouring when it comes to adding a pop of colour to line art. She enjoys writing and drawing equally in terms of self-expression, reflection, creativity, exploration, visual observation, and personal growth. Her line art, "Healing," will be included in Art Therapy Institute's “Our Grateful HeARTs” community art show in February 2023.

''I think of my drawings as chaotic calmness. I sometimes incorporate textual elements to emphasize a message. I rely on simplicity and detail when I explore through art. I have many contradictory traits in my personality—art is a terrific way for me to synthesize these different parts of me. It also offers a reliable level of peace regarding mental health. In these three pieces, I reflected upon the details in architecture and the natural world. Life can sometimes be full of ups and downs. I find that observing details in a visual and artistic context provide a lot of grounding in terms of appreciation and gratitude.''

Singapore Shophouses Medium: Pigment liner on paper Size: 6 x 5 inches
Singapore Shophouses


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