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Jim Dethick/ Landscapes

Jim Dethick was born in rural Derbyshire, England in 1985. He is a filmmaker, artist and musician, whose work across various mediums focuses largely on the handmade and experimental, telling uncommon stories in unusual and imaginative ways. Much of his work is particularly focused on explorations into the juxtaposition of narratives and images set in post-industrial wastelands and unspoiled rural paradises. He creates artworks in a broad range of media, including detailed ink drawing, collage, gouache, cyanotype, acrylic and oils, analogue and digital photography, moving image, and pastels and charcoal. Several of his films are award-nominated, and most have been screened at festivals, cinemas and installation events across the UK for over ten years. In 2014 and 2016 he won two national competitions by the British Film Institute for his original scripts, which he successfully took into production. Alongside film, Jim's artwork has been exhibited and sold at UK galleries and through private commission for over twenty years.


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