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Jo Bull Jewellery/ Winter Issue

Jo is a jewellery designer and lapidarist. What's a lapidarist I hear you say! Well, lapidary means the ability to cut and polish gemstones and glass. Jo has been creating jewellery for over twelve years now, it all started after a bit of a life and career change. After graduating with a degree in History of Art & Design, Jo, unfortunately, side-stepped into a career less creative. It was her involvement in the curation of an Art and Jewellery Exhibition that brought her the realisation that she needed to get back to her creative background. This all coincided with Jo’s recovery from an illness, which she did with the help of embarking on several courses in silversmithing and lapidary. The result was a voyage of discovery from creative therapy to becoming a jewellery designer and the launch of Jo’s business.


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