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João Góis/Winter Issue

Paris based plastic artist, João Góis, has been developing his body of work through colorful and introspective oil paintings and installations.

"By dealing with universal feelings - tragedy, doom, revenge, uncertainty, joy - in relation with color and form, my work seeks to find solutions and create an introspective reality through figurative compositions, self-portraits and its colorful symbolic elements. An aesthetic discussion is done around these enigmas, establishing a communication with the viewer. The work aims to be aesthetically pleasant. “

The artist fell in love with the process of creating complex and less complex compositions about his own reality. Seeking to bring an intimate component to the current contemporary art practice where establishes a communication with the viewer through aesthetic pieces, he looks into embracing vulnerability and starting a conversation with the viewer, being stripped from the dogmas linked to ourselves and to men’s negative condition of feeling.

“In times where we are afraid of feeling, with a lack of a sense of belonging, in a deep need to find our identity, I choose myself. I embrace vulnerability and reframe it, starting a conversation and bringing an intimate component to the current contemporary art practice."

The new collection Pandora Box fits this reality and will be presented in exhibitions in London, Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam and in international publications.


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