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Jonathan Spencer/ 'Landscapes'

Jonathan Spencer is a designer and video artist. After studying Fine Art painting in the 1980s Jonathan moved into computer animation. The current series of experimental sound and vision works are driven by an interest with time, chance and sound. Aspects of this current work refer back to traditional media, the fracturing and recombination of sound and vision have been a consistent theme in Jonathan’s work from painting at collage, through early audio tape spliced edits for installations, leading naturally to coding and writing patches to provide random edits on hardware samplers. This systematic approach to deconstructing audio forms with white noise, effects pedals and re-sequencing pushed him towards writing software tools in Processing to apply the same types of interference to digital drawing. The sporadic use of compression artefacts, glitches and video ‘shash’ within sequences that will themselves be compressed for distribution via digital networks layers an additional patina of chance over meaning. His use of text on screen provides a subsequent meta-layer of random and serendipitous connections.


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