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Jonathan Dean/ 'Sea in Me'

''I work across a range of media, including watercolour, acrylic, oil, and most recently (the last couple of years) collage and mixed media. A recurring theme in my work is that of release and breaking free from constraints: the expression of free-flowing energy. A visit to Margate and Broadstairs last October fired me up to explore this theme in the context of seascapes, so over the last year I have completed two main series. The first uses collage to reconstruct quite figurative (albeit very stylised) images, with a dreamlike (sometimes sinister) element. The second consists of twelve very loose works using wash, contour lines and collage elements, where I wanted to capture the sense of space, openness and release I had experienced on the Kent coast - mental and emotional space as well (especially after the pandemic). I also produced some completely abstract works while working on these series, which represented a more personal response to the sea.''


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