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Justyna Tuchorska/ Summer Issue

''I am a Polish artist from the Lower Silesia region, settled in the Czech Republic. Shortly after my graduation, during the pandemic, I moved to Prague, where I`ve been living for 1,5 years now. I am a costume designer and a collage artist primarily. Making collages allows me to get into the fabric of a place, using old objects and documents, which is perfect for building my new immigrant identity here and useful for understanding cultures and ideas foreign to mine. Sensuality and the appreciation of the human body in a sexual setting are common themes that I explore in my works. It is somewhat a rebellion against the puritanical and sex- negative culture that we live in, to a greater or lesser extent. It is a celebration of a certain power that comes with sexual attractiveness, particularly for women, and also a reflection on the dark side of it represented by the rape culture and misogyny.''

The project that I am developing is a series of collages that centre around vintage porn imagery. Alongside „proper” vintage magazines I`ve gathered a small collection of erotic magazines spanning decades between the 1950s and 1990s, which is a fascinating window into the desires of pre-internet people. Mapping different approaches to the erotic image, from 1960s glamour, high-quality booklets, to 1990s cheap-paper genitalia spreads, I was wondering about the humanity of the performers, their stories and their lives. By taking these images out of their functional context and creating collage portraits of these people, I wish to reflect on the value and purpose of sex work and erotic imagery in society across the years. In the presentation of the works, I would also like to include voices of sex work veterans and theorists such as members of Rozkos bez Rizika organization.


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