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Kat Holmes/ Women Art

Kat Holmes is a 27-year-painter and writer from Preston, Lancashire, now based in Bristol.

Kat took up Art in 2017, aged 21 studying a Foundation Degree at The University of Central Lancashire and completing a BA in Fine Art at The University of the West of England.

Kat has in the past exhibited her work at The Harris Museum, Preston. Kat predominantly uses oil paint on a variation of materials such as canvas, cotton and paper. Writing and painting and combining them both has enabled Kat, to develop her work conceptually and has made her question her place in the contemporary art world and as her practise has evolved, she has taken a ‘story telling’ stance. This enabled her to capture the world around her and particularly her early experiences of growing up with four siblings on an industrial estate in Ribbelton, Preston.

 Kat continuously references and celebrates the characters that were present In her early years in her work. Though the story telling aspects Kat’s painting focuses on these characters, she also she also touches on themes such unrelated and more relative to the ‘now’, such as: substance use, being a massive party girl, love and loss. Though some of the topics may strike an emotional chord with the audience she endeavours for the comedic element of her work to shine through. Kat feels like she has a ‘story to tell’.


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