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Kate Fallon-Cousins/ Book Edition

Kate Fallon-Cousins is a 43 year old artist from Liverpool. She has a studio at her home which she shares with her partner and dog.Kate finds inspiration listening to music, watching TV and movies and scouring car boot sales and flea markets looking for interesting objects. She believes that if beauty goes in your eyes and ears, beauty will come out of your fingers.

In her spare time Kate makes Christmas crackers for her family and friends. She writes corny jokes, makes paper hats and sources cool prizes. She also likes making CDS for everyone.

Kate specialises in collage made from paper and assemblage made from objects. Her work used to be more random but has developed a more religious and spiritual theme.She creates human figures made from objects. Often these humans have halo's and wings. This is aspirational and represents enlightenment and ascension. They have graduated from the cycle of birth and death and have become masters like Jesus and Buddha.

Sometimes these characters are holding up a small version of themselves or a bird or an object. This she says is a kind of show and tell. As an artist she believes she is representing the human race and exploring her beliefs and the human condition. Just like an athlete pushes the boundaries of what is physically possible, an artist seeks the spiritual and metaphorical possibilities.

Kate says that she has recently decided to make Art for only herself and if anyone else likes it so much the better. This immediately took the pressure off and success now is measured only by herself and anything else is gravy.


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