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Kate Peel/ Square Works

Kate has graduated with a 2:1 from Birmingham City University in 2011 and began exhibiting in shows local to Birmingham for a year or so. The height of the period was being a competition winner at an exhibition competing with the collaborative art duo, Sparrow and Castice on the theme of interiors. Facing some financial difficulties she took a break for a while and competed a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield. Working in spatial practices as a day job has been influential in developing her practice again since then both technically and conceptually.

'Exploring psychological and cultural permutations of space guide the focus of my practice. When making working I try to think about how changing the context of space can relocate it into a whole new spectrum of reference. This exploration of context is extended via references of frames within frames. My work is essentially postmodern however I do have an interest in Metamodernism and am looking to experiment with as I continue to develop my work. My work is deeply embedded in the reappropriation of images and material. I see this as kind of recycling of possible meanings and developing a subjective language from images sourced from film, tv and the internet.'


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