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Kayleigh Reed/ Special Edition

Kayleigh Reed is a Fine Art Sculptural Artist based in Essex

''Intrigued by how the trace of the human form can be encapsulated to create a petrified memory in sculptural form, I primarily use plaster and concrete to cast directly between my own physical form and that of another object.

I am often concerned by the unnoticed marks that leave traces of our interactions with architecture and the objects around us and how the absence of people creates a sombre or eery atmosphere.

Using my own body as part of the methodology it heavily leads the works physical properties. By doing so I am continually recreating versions of myself in various moments in time.

These forms allude to an uneasiness of a ghostly double of the original however, imprisoning these versions of myself it allows the emotional distance needed to reflect and understand my recent past to move forward towards the present.

Expanding my practice, using digital media, such as film and photography, I am reimagining my sculptures to continue to explore the importance of form, time and movement within my work.''

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