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Keisuke Takeda/ Nude Art

Keisuke Takeda is a painter. He believes, dialogue is the most important for aesthetic works. Physical thinking by hands that is significant for his artwork. His hands are coincidentally sensing perception and creation when he was drawing. His senses have the dialogue between his hands and artwork(that is comprised of materials, phenomena and time stream). Aesthetic senses could never be represented without the physical thinking. White clouds were wafted in the blue breezy sky. Water movements were silently recurring on the lake. Stars were slightly twinkling in the pale night city. The earth has ever been moving. We are standing there. There is no same day. Human beings have been discovering new senses and values in these resonant dialogues. Therefore, Keisuke has been pursuing Resonance through the physical thinking of painting. His painting works are shown with blowing in the nature wind, sunlight and shadows. He realizes, all of us have ever been moving also never stopped in an unredeemable time stream. There is no same day. Therefore, we could feel Resonance in our mortal life.


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