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Kelsey Marie Gavin/ Special Edition

“My artwork is a culmination of personal experience ranging from childhood to adulthood as well on the impact that different forms of media have had on my artistic practice. I use a variety of photographic and audio/visual references in my work, often as the starting point for a new painting or drawing.

My representative images reflect the pushing of my studio work in the direction of working in tandem with public domain video work and the practice of painting. I find myself drawn to certain moments that feel ephemeral and full of tension; lately what has been important to me is finding a way to make work that makes sense to me and that has been manifesting as these works based upon instructional videos for women from the 1940s. I am trying to find different ways to explore gender identity, including my own gender identity through my art, and I feel like the vehicle for that expression came from these really outdated, heteronormative human records. Video work has always been an integral part of my paintings; I feel as if that has always acted in tandem with things, I have been exploring in the realm of painting digitally and physically. Lately, my interests have been lying in these sources, I feel as if they have given me ample room to explore things like gender, sexuality, and trauma. Lately I have enjoyed using archaic, outdated media and combining that with modern technology and techniques of art-making in order to create narrative in moments. “


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