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Kenneth Henckel/ Book Edition

Kenneth Henckel's paintings show us a surreal, subtle, sometimes tormented universe. He pictures anecdotes, crazy humor and modern everyday nightmares.

He is an artist who embarked on a serious exploration of painting 12 years ago. His artworks intricately weave together thoughtful contemplation, states of mind, and reflections on the surrounding world. Infused with a touch of humor, his paintings carry a distinctive angle that adds an engaging layer to the visual narrative.

Recently, he developed a curiosity for artificial intelligence, inspired by an artist friend who utilizes it as a wellspring of creativity. Embracing this approach, he has made it his preferred method for generating new ideas, sketches, and inspiration for his paintings and drawings. He appreciates the seemingly anarchic nature of AI, relishing in its ability to assemble images and create unique visual compositions.

Residing in Copenhagen, this 58-year-old artist is wholly dedicated to his craft, living and breathing for his art. While he has a background in photography, video art, and graphic design, his serious commitment to painting began 12 years ago.


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