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Klaudia Leja/ Autumn Issue

Although she has spent the majority of her life in England, her native Poland serves as a perpetual wellspring of inspiration for her creative work. During her college years, her burgeoning interest led her to delve into Poland's history through the medium of visual art. Her academic pursuits involved a meticulous examination of photographs and the color palettes of products that originated from the Cold War era. As her studies progressed, this fervor expanded to encompass the rich realm of Polish folk embroidery during her university education. Simultaneously, her time at the university kindled a fascination for illuminated manuscripts and European folklore, themes she continues to explore in her artistic endeavors, primarily utilizing her preferred mediums of ink drawing and Photoshop.

Drawing from the well of Polish folk embroidery, she discovered a wealth of inspiration intricately woven into various clothing items, including vests, scarves, and headwear. These embroidery styles exhibited distinct regional variations, each influenced by the neighboring countries. Her focus centered on the vibrant embroidery that artfully depicted flora through simplified yet evocative shapes, diverging from the intricate details of their wild counterparts. The captivating color palettes characteristic of groups such as Sącz Lachs and throughout Szczawnicki Gorals left an indelible mark on her artistic sensibilities. The allure of vivid colors held a prominent place in her artistry.

Her artistic journey led her to seamlessly incorporate these diverse influences into tangible works of art. Utilizing drawing ink, she breathed new life into these inspirations, infusing them with even brighter and more vibrant imagery through the medium of Photoshop. Some of her creations ventured beyond the realm of flora, as she drew upon European and Slavic folklore to incorporate elements of fauna from the animal kingdom into her pieces. This harmonious fusion of influences has given rise to a body of work characterized by cohesion and captivation, inviting viewers into a world that seamlessly blends history, tradition, and the artist's unique vision.


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