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Ksenia Semirova/ Floral

Ksenia Semirova, a Hove-based embroidery artist, has been honing her embroidery skills for several years. She believes that her job is to perform magic, as this term perfectly describes the outcome of manipulating plain supplies such as threads, beads, and tiny plastic or metal pieces, while also exploring cultural, historical, environmental, social, and political contexts. By uncovering, enhancing, and interweaving these notions, and blending them with her personal way of seeing, she aims to produce complex and creative results.

Using a variety of hand embroidery techniques, such as Luneville, pearl embroidery, and goldwork, Ksenia creates personal artistic outcomes through observation and the integration of various contexts. She strives to evoke emotions, ranging from curiosity that leads to questions about how her work was done, to happiness. Ksenia strongly believes that embroidery, as a craft, benefits both the creator by allowing them to share their level of artistry, and the audience by providing them with truly unique pieces of work that reflect the maker’s personality. Ksenia’s research and creative process involve striking a balance between the past and the present. She is particularly interested in exploring and experimenting with heritage, aiming to preserve traditions while also seeking alternative contemporary interpretations for ideas discovered in the past. Above all, Ksenia’s goal is to reflect socio-cultural contexts and visualize her personal interpretation of these processes through her craft.


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