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Lawrence Aaron (Cosmos Illustrations)/ Queer Art

I am a visual and 3D artist, who uses the method of storytelling, illustration, and animation to encourage discussion, awareness and education of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). My current MA project is exploring the sensory side of being an autistic artist, and how art provides as a visual aid tool to help me socialize and engage with my peers in a way that is more suited to my needs. I incorporate auto-ethnography, phenomenology, and semiotics into my artistic practice, to enrich my storytelling methods. I am an autistic, queer artist who is exploring their atypicality through the methods of illustration, animation, and storytelling. I am exploring my identity as an autistic person in a neurotypical world, and my hope is that my work provides the atypical and neurodiverse community with a voice, visual representation, and hope, as well as providing awareness and education.”


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