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Lewis/ 'Sea in Me'

''My family have strong navel connections and I have always loved the see and used it for pleasure, inspiration and reflection and although I am from Manchester I spent a lot of time in my formative years in my mothers hometown of Plymouth. Identity and environment are very important themes at the centre of work and I try to say something about the beauty and rhythm in the everyday and the ordinary. I would like to communicate to people who view my work about the nuances that surround us all the time, the beautiful, the joy, the sadness the humour etc. You don’t necessarily have to fly out to the Himalayas to have your breath taken away.

As an artist I feel that I am on a journey to explore my own inner truth through a variety of subjects. These can be seen as the conduit that bridges my own perception of reality with the rest of the world, enabling me to communicate with those who care to view my work. I have always been drawn to shape and form, and by focusing on a particular part of the subject, a new interesting point can emerge, separate from the whole. However I do not feel that it is my place to hand a story to the viewer. I aim to create images that will provoke questions, allowing them to bring personal experiences to the work and thus involving them in the artistic process. Through questioning people can reflect on and challenge their personal view of the world. It is this joint journey of discovery that really excites me about photography. For me it’s a process of learning and growing within myself and with my environment.''


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