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Lezli Rubin-Kunda/ Drawings & Sketches

''In the last couple of years, I have returned to my studio, after years of site specific drawings and performance work, where the overarching theme of my current body of work is connectivity- networks, webs of interactions, on a micro and macro level. Each work, each tangle of markings, hints at equivalencies – to underground tree root networks, to fungi’s mycelia, spiders’ webs, nerve or brain networks, or aerial mappings of roadways and cities. Working in an open-ended, process-based manner, I investigate certainty and uncertainty, order dissolving into chaos, elements of chance and randomicity.

The work often begins with the random placement of dots; lines of different frequencies and rhythms then search for ways to connect these energy points. The works are caught at a temporary resting point in a state of flux and transformation that can continue indefinitely. Using different materials and tools, including pencil, pastel, line etched into wax and pigment, I explore the intensities and exquisite delicacy of this linear activity. The work reflects the current situation of tentativity and fragility, of interconnectedness and interdependence of systems.''


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