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Liam Collins/ 'Sculpture' Special Edition'

Liam Collins is a UK Artist sculptor, environmentalist who has dedicated his career to a life-long process working with and exhibiting Art and site-specific sculpture, made from precious metals and found materials. Liam's work includes influences from Astrophysicists to the historical ancient worlds.

''My creativity is drawn from my unusual life experiences. Raised in children's homes as an abandoned child, to being kidnapped and spirited abroad where at 12 years old, I was forced to beg on the streets of Athens to survive. Stowed away on a boat to Crete, i lived in the Caves of Minoan Tombs in Matala living off the land. Spending 3 years living amongst Machiavellian people and German Hippies, i found solace in the ancient monuments around me, nature and the sky at night. I eventually hitchhiked back from Greece through communist Yugoslavia all the way to London by myself aged 14.''


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