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Lisha Liang/ Queer Art

Lisha Liang graduated from at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Now is currently as a Ph.D. student at the University of Bologna, Italy. Her work encompasses performance, installation, sculpture, video, photography, painting, and more.

Her practice originates from an empirical observation of the reality that surrounds her. The artist focuses on gender-related issues, particularly in relation to domestic violence and sexual education, using her artwork as a mirror that reflects and sublimates experiences lived firsthand by the artist herself or experienced through the narratives of others. In her works, Liang employs traditional techniques such as photography, performance, and installation, alongside new technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality, to recreate pieces that are both interactive and reflective. By doing so, the artist aims to position herself halfway between the experience and its consumption, activating a search for meaning through her work that universalizes her message.

Through her work, Liang focuses on gender issues and the perpetuation of gender-based violence, as these matters have increasingly worried the artist and urged her to become aware and active in the feminist battleground by extending and exploring in her artistic research the topics of sex education and domestic violence. Liang believes contemporary art mirrors society's queries: what can we do to make tomorrow a better day? How to show to people and make them aware of the problems affecting our collective experiences.


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