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Liz Darrell/ 'COLOURS'

Liz Darrell is a multidisciplinary artist born and based in New York City. She was exposed to an absurd array of dramatic and visual arts growing up, perhaps triggering her perceiving of the world in expressive rather than logical ways. A lot of the darkness we face throughout life targets the deepest parts of ourselves, and to her, many of the deepest parts of herself are bound to her childhood. So, Liz has become interested in exploring adult concepts through a playful lens.

''Pulling from the experiences I’ve gathered in my nigh quarter century spent alive, I aim to investigate the worlds within and around me through camp, sarcasm, and humor. And as a young queer white woman, my goal isn’t to endear myself or explain myself but to simply bear myself. The pieces I create are attempts at illustrating a thought or feeling or experience I've found fascinating, and typically have to do with mental health, femininity, queerness, and privilege. I hope to shine a light on the unremarkable in a remarkable way; the things we take for granted are often the things least explored.''


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