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Lloyd Spencer/ Street Photography

The arrival of digital was a kind of liberation for Lloyd, allowing him to get back into photography in a big way. At the beginning of 2006, he began a two-year street photography project documenting life on Briggate, the main retail thoroughfare through Leeds. He conducted a second long-term photographic project exploring nightlife on the streets of inner-city Leeds with Stephen Griffin. He has a continuing interest in public spaces and in the various experiences that are involved in retail and, especially, fashion. At present, he is working on a series of projects involving portraiture, foliage and forests, and dance photography.

He first became seriously involved in photography while working for the anti-Apartheid publishing house, Ravan Press in Johannesburg, South Africa. Then (1981-2) and later in Wigan and Manchester, he helped start and run film and photography workshops and helped mount several photographic exhibitions in what he thought of as ‘documentary’ mode. Together with John Davies, he helped found the Counter Image photographic workshop in Manchester.

As well as editing a book of essays by John Berger and working with him on his major statement on photography, Another Way of Telling, he has written two ‘comic books’ on philosophy, Hegel for Beginners, and The Enlightenment for Beginners. He spent a quarter of a century teaching undergraduates and has run a number of online courses and workshops on various aspects of photography and on creativity generally.


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