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Louisa Pankhurst Johnson/ Autumn Issue

She is consumed by a deep obsession with photographing water, primarily focusing on the sea. For her, capturing these images is nothing short of a devotional experience, a way to manifest the vivid pictures that exist in the recesses of her mind.

Her collection of 'Sea Poetry' Images is a product of her unique state of being, which she describes as 'Social Mystification.' In this state, she undergoes a transformation, turning her visions into sublime canvases that radiate both tranquility and spiritual contemplation.

The artistic influences that have shaped her work span a diverse spectrum, encompassing figures such as Karl Marx, Aristotle, John Berger, Rothko, Kazimir Malevich, and John Piper. These influences have left their mark on her creations, infusing them with depth and meaning.

As an internationally recognized Visual Poet and Fine Artist based in the UK, her work is a testament to her profound inspiration drawn from nature, spirituality, and the sublime.

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