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Louise Wiseman/ Women Art

Louise is a photographer and printmaker based in Derbyshire, England.  Although she was always creative, she did not discover her artistic path until quite late in life.  She studied lawat Oxford University and since then has pursued a long and interesting career in data privacy, holding senior roles at a number of global organisations.  

Until recent years, photography was a lifelong passion but very much a spare time pursuit.  Her photography led her to discover printmaking - almost by accident - in 2019 and since then has had her work selected for exhibitions across the UK and beyond.  She was fortunate in having her first solo exhibition, ‘Wherever I go I take you with me’ at The Green Door Gallery in Derby, England in Nov 2020 and then a second solo exhibition ‘Dream in Colour’ in June 2023 at the Surface Gallery in Nottingham, England.  She was the winner of the ‘Dizzy Ink Award’ in the Derby Print Open in 2020 and the ‘Surface Gallery Award’ in the same exhibition the following year.  In 2023 she was awarded the Judges’ Award for her entry in the ‘Self portraits make me smile’ exhibition held by Bradford’s ‘Heart of Art’. 

Louise now pursues a busy and fulfilling artistic practice (both print and photography) alongside her ‘day job’ and continues be exhibited widely.  


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