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Lucrezia Di Carne/ 'Landscapes'

Lucrezia Di Carne, born in Milan, studied in Brescia and Milan. Her research is focused on the layering of analogue and digital printing processes, switching between them, in order to get closer to the boundary between man-made and machines-made activities. Her work finds its validity in the viewer’s interpretation, as he/she is forced to move closer to the work. In order to understand her own art, she experiments with analogue and printing techniques. The production of thoughts reveals in the act of doing, in order to challenge herself, until the technical possibilities of her means are exhausted. Photography is her starting point, however now it is hidden and impalpable. Her subjects reflect the area she lives in: harsh and rocky, yet majestic and present. Her attempt is to figuratively tame the rock, in order to turn it into a more welcoming material. Working for short bursts of time, allows her to absorb the external natural and material influences, which are part of her imagination. Hence, the use of technical knowledge of materials is exaggerated, but fundamental. This gives birth to an interdisciplinary approach that relies on the continuous change of material and technique.


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