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Lydia Moraitis/ Women Art

Lydia Moraitis is an emerging London based Artist who works primarily with screen printing. Born in 2000, she spent her early life in the Lake District before studying at The Ruskin School of Art from 2019-2022. Since graduating, she has exhibited across the UK; Key exhibitions include ‘Made it 2022’ at Rogue Artist Studios, Manchester (October 2022), Woolwich contemporary print fair with Meakin + Parsons X Hannah Payne (November 2022) and ‘Saint Nicholas’ at Meakin + Parsons X Hannah Payne, Oxford (December 2022).

Lydia is currently completing a residency at Surbiton High School in Surrey where she works full-time on her artwork.

Trouble and Strife

Lydia’s practice is an act of self-exploration. Utilising a combination of poetry, collage, screen printing and sculpture to explore autobiographical themes, her work explores confessions of fear, love, loss, and an element of poetic humour.


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