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Lyndon Watkinson/ 'COLOURS'

Lyndon Watkinson is a digital artist, designer, and writer Based in Sheffield, UK. Passionate about solving creative problems and making art accessible. Operator and founder of SU4IP♲, an online arts organisation and virtual alias. Democratising art and art context through artworks, publications, digital content, articles, and sound. Themes vary excessively, underpinned by experiences of being an outsider. Driven by a desire to quantify and systemize abstract concepts and ideas.

''Historically, I was insecure about my lack of drive to combine my digital skills with my creative process. The period of widespread isolation between twenty-nineteen and twenty-twenty-one offered a test bed to hybridise these two aspects of my life. My confidence and belief in my own ability to communicate my ideas through art have since flourished.''


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